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Betfair Bonus code

The Betfair Poker signup bonus definitely requires some explaining because it’s unlike any other in the industry. First off, there is no match percentage on the first deposit like you see at most online poker sites; instead, you are given a minimum deposit requirement and bonus code to use so you get the proper reward. In addition to this, you need to click through one of the links on this yPoker.com page to be in line for a bonus.

The smallest bonus you can play for is $50, and you need to earn 40 Player Points to unlock every $5 of the bonus. Every $1 you pay in poker tournament or cash game rake earns you 3.6 player points, which translates into roughly 45% value-back from this deal. The $50 signup bonus gives players the most time to earn the full amount with an allotted 90 days.

Moving up the ladder, the next bonus is worth $250, and players need to earn 80 player points for every $10 increment. The value-back remains the same at 45%, but players are only given 60 days to earn the full amount of this reward. The $500 bonus requires 255 PPs to release each $25 chunk of the bonus. Players have 60 days from the time of their first deposit to earn this reward and the value-back rate is 40%.

The $1,000 signup bonus requires 1,000 PPs for every $100 increment, players are given 60 days to earn the full amount, and the value-back is 36%. Finally, the $2,500 bonus requires 7,000 PPs to earn every $500 of the reward, 60 days are given to earn the full bonus, and players get 25% value-back here.

Along with these Betfair Poker signup bonus offers, don’t forget that you’ll also receive a $2,500 Welcome Freeroll ticket as well.