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Win Huge Online Poker Jackpots at Winner Poker

The typical way that people make a fortune in online poker involves grinding for years and slowly working their way up the stakes. However, Winner Poker is offering a much quicker and more direct way to build a fortune through their various online poker jackpots. The jackpots are offered in designated SNG’s, and you merely need to look in the Winner Poker software to find the jackpot you wish to play for. Here is a look at each one in-depth:

Dirty Dozen Jackpot – These are 12-handed SNG’s and the buy-in is $2 + $0.40. Assuming you can win four Dirty Dozen Jackpot SNG’s in a row, you’ll receive a $2,000 jackpot.

Maui Jackpot – The Maui SNG’s are 10-player tourneys with a $5 + $1 buy-in. If you can win five of these tournaments in a row, you will be the beneficiary of a $15,000 jackpot.

Rio Jackpot – The Rio Jackpot tournaments are 6-handed with a $20 + $3.50 buy-in. Any player who can win six Rio SNG’s in a row will receive a $25k jackpot.

Fort Knox Jackpot – Fort Knox SNG’s are where the big money’s at because a $50,000 jackpot is on the table. To win the $50k prize, players need to finish first in six consecutive $50 + $9 Fort Knox SNG’s.

$50k Craze – The newest addition to Winner Poker’s jackpot SNG lineup is the $50k Craze. The setup for the $50k Craze SNG’s is 18-player tournaments (three 6-max tables), and the buy-in for each event is $10 + $2. Those seeking the $50,000 jackpot need to win four SNG’s in a row.

One more thing you should keep in mind about the Winner Poker jackpot SNG’s is that you get to keep any winnings from the actual tournaments. So even if you don’t win a jackpot, you can still make quite a bit of money through these tourneys just by doing well.