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Tournaments Strategy


Online poker rooms offer regular poker tournaments. You can get into a tournament for as little as $6, or you can play high stakes poker with buy-ins of $300 and more. You will find both single table tournaments as well as multiple table tournaments.

Tournaments Type

Poker tournaments may be single table poker tournaments or multi-table tournaments. You can join a tournament simply by paying the buy-in and entry fee. Each player will start with an equal amount of chips. Limited re-buys are available at some land based poker tournaments but are not usual at online poker rooms. A player is eliminated when they lose all of their chips. A winner is declared when one player has won all of the chips.

The prize pool is split between the top tournament finishers. For example, a poker tournament might pay the first place winner 50% of the prize pool, the second place winner 30%, and the third place winner 20%. Large poker tournaments typically pay down a higher quantity of places. For example, the World Poker Tour championship at Bellagio Casino paid the top 50 players. (Read Tournaments Tips)

You can find the best tournaments in online poker rooms on the our poker tournaments page.

Tournaments Tips

by Jack McClelland

  • Players must act in turn. Action out of turn is not binding but you may receive a penalty if you consistently act out of turn.

  • Verbal bets are binding. If you say check, bet, raise, fold, etc. you will be obligated to you verbal declaration.

  • To be a raise, you must at least double the last bet or raise. If you commit chips to the pot that equal at least 50% of the amount needed to raise you will be obligated to a minimum raise.

  • When raising a pot you should announce the amount of your raise. If not you may only be able to raise the minimum amount.

  • Please keep you larger denomination chips in plain view so that other players can make an accurate assessment of your chip count.

  • As the tournament progresses an ante for all players will be mandatory along with the normal blinds. The ante is used to take some pressure off the blinds.

  • When at least one player is all-in and the action is complete the players must turn up their hands. If there are more cards to come the hand will then be completed.

  • If you throw in a large denomination chip before the flop without announcing your bet or raise the oversize chip will count as a call only. After the flop if you throw in a large denomination chip that will be the size of your bet unless you make a verbal declaration otherwise before the chip hits the felt.

  • Abusive language or behavior is unacceptable and penalties may be imposed if a player engages in such behavior.