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Playing at Multiple Online Poker Tables

One of the many advantages of playing online poker on the internet is the ability to open and play at multiple tables. There are online poker rooms, like Party Poker, PokerStars and Poker Champs that allow you to play two or more tables at once. Other sites like 888 Poker limit you to only 1 table, but you can still play multiple tables at once by playing at 2 or more different poker room software at once.

Playing at multiple tables gives you new tools and improves your playing level by forcing you to concentrate on several concurrent games

  • Improving your speed game and making fast decisions - Sometimes you will be busy making poker play decisions on two tables at the same time. This distracts you from the game and can degrade the quality of your play somewhat, so you should be careful and build up your limits as you adapt and improve.
  • Improving your level of concentration and memory - It is very important to make a mental note on who has raised the pot, so you will know how to play your hand later.

Other tips for playing at multiple tables:

  • Fold your weak hands - That will help you pay more attention to the game you have a strong hand in.
  • Increase the resolution on your monitor to 1,600 x 1,200 or more - When you play more than one game your tables will overlap, and you could click the Bet or Raise button by mistake. Naturally upgrading to a 19" screen is always a good idea.
  • Take some breaks - Take a few breaks for freshening up. The games will still be there when you get back.
  • Play only if you have high bank roll - Playing two or more tables at once give you the possibility of increasing your overall hourly earning rate, but there's also a chance that you will diminish your balance.
  • Type of poker game - If you are playing a No-Limit poker games like Texas Hold'em, you are more dependent on player reads. Therefore, it isn't recommended to play multiple tables on those games. If you still want to take that risk it is better you play Fixed-Limit games at low stakes. Multiple tables are a better option for Limit players than No-Limit players.
  • Don't drink booze and play - It's always a good idea to refrain from drinking alcohol while playing. Playing while being intoxicated (or when you're sleepy) can have serious implications on your game - it affects your concentration and your decision making processes. Instead, drink coffee, tea, or an energy drink to keep up your vigor.