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Learn Texas Hold'em - Play Texas Holdem

Poker Promotions - Poker casinos want your business, plain and simple. To get it, they offer a number of different kinds of poker promotions as incentives to you, the player.

Since you are going to be playing Texas Hold em or some other poker form anyway, you might as well take advantage of the free rewards casinos give out to get you to play with them. Live casinos offer poker promotions in the form of comps. Comps are concessions the casino provides you for continued play. You get these comps by registering with the casino and getting your play rated. This tells the casino how long you play with them. Comps can come in the form of free meals, show tickets and even rooms at the casino hotel.

However, since casinos make much less money from poker than the other casino games, it is difficult for a player to earn comps of great value. Online casinos, on the other hand, offer some fantastic poker promotions. The most well known are bonuses. A bonus is a certain amount of money added to your poker account that you can gamble with or even withdraw to spend as you see fit. You are usually required to play a certain number of hands on the site to release the bonus, but once you do, it's yours. Bonuses aren't the only poker promotions online casinos offer. Most sites offer player points, which you can earn by continued play on the site. Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for poker related merchandise, tournament entries and in some cases, even cash. Sites sometimes offer freeroll tournaments, tournaments that award prizes but require no buy-in, as a promotion. When you are deciding where to play, take a look and see what poker promotions are offered at each site or casino. Of course it's not as valuable as learning a solid Texas Hold'em strategy, but it's a little something extra to enhance and expand your poker playing experience.

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